Discover How to

Stop Procrastinating
in 30 Days!

Change your EXCUSES for ACTIONS
And your GUILT for RESULTS  

Do you ever wonder?

Why even though you know what you are supposed to be doing, you DON’T do it??

Tired, overwhelmed, out of balance, unmotivated, disorganized and wishing that the day had more hours?

That every task you know you need to do, you completed-on time?

A life where every promise you make to YOURSELF you fulfill?

That you had balance and control in every area or your life?

How much further would you get in life and how much better you would feel about yourself and your future IF you were to STOP PROCRASTINATING? 

Welcome to
“How to Stop Procrastinating in 30 Days”

Did you know...

...that you can actually Stop Procrastinating and start taking action by discovering your REAL reasons of Procrastination?

Do you ever wonder why even though you know what you are supposed to be doing, you DON’T do it??
Can you imagine a life where every promise you make to YOURSELF you fulfill? How much further you’ll get in life and how much better you would feel about yourself and your future?

Here's the secret...unlike most people think, procrastination is not based on lack of time or lack of organization skills, but it’s based on the management of emotions….
Let me explain: we might have the time to do certain things we must do, but we AVOID feelings like FEAR (of failure, judgment, unknown, success…), ANXIETY, SADNESS, PAST CHILDHOOD TRAUMAS. And those feelings paralyze us and instead we replace the pain associated with those feelings, with anything else that brings pleasure. This is called the CYCLE OF PROCRASTINATION.

Here is more how it looks like: 

Do you want to stop
the cycle of

The big questions in my client’s minds are

  • How can I really start taking ACTION when I don’t feel like it?
  • How can I reach my GOALS when I don’t even know where to start?
  • How can I feel EMPOWERED and better about myself and my future if I’m so stressed and overwhelmed?

I know how it feels, and yes it can be done. I have been there. I was actually BORN a procrastinator:  


I needed to lose weight


I needed to be better with my finances


I needed to grow my business and sell more


I needed to find balance


I needed to take control of my life!! 

My list was ENDLESS and I never seem to really do anything about it.   Week after week, year after year

Some time ago I created a SYSTEM that helped me:

Live the life I really
wanted to live- have

Finally be fit and
healthy- put my
needs first

Create a MULTI-million dollar business in 
ONE year  

It took me years,

Many tries, and many failures to discover and perfect a system on how to stop procrastinating in my own life. I then have had the privilege of coaching hundreds individuals from all around the world, and realized that procrastination is a common struggle that can actually RUIN FUTURES, so because of that, I have now made my system accessible to more people.
I now want to share my expertise with YOU, so that through my virtual course and my coaching, YOU can Stop Procrastinating too!!

The Coach

Hi, I'm Paty

I help individuals that are tired of not doing what they know they are supposed to be doing and I teach them

How to Stop Procrastinating in 30 Days

· I’m an international leadership coach, trainer, and speaker with a passion for helping  people fulfill their true potential.

· I’ve had the privilege to have trained HUNDREDS of people of more than 20 countries around the world.

· Started my first business with $2,000 and sold it for $500,000 after less than 2 years

· Real Estate agent in the US and was ranked in the top 20 agents out of 41,000

· I sold more than $20 MILLION dollars in my first year as a Real Estate agent.

· Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team,

· Born a procrastinator but developed a system to overcome it and be successful!! Now you can have my blueprint to implement it in your life! 

Do you want to discover WHY you procrastinate so that you can overcome it? 

The Course

The “How to Stop Procrastinating in 30 Days”course based on a framework called C.A.R.

C Concept: Every weekday for 4 weeks you will listen to a video (of me!), talking about a specific topic every day.
A Action: You must take an action every day, related to your goal (I will guide you with that)
R Result: You must share the result of your action with me!! (via text/email).

This is why this course works!

Course + coaching

You watch the videos, take your actions and I wil be coaching you, guiding you and encouraging you to make sure that you reach your goals!


In the course, you'll find 4 modules in-depth video training lessons along with worksheets, to help you do your work:

Here's What You're Going to Get in “How to Stop Procrastinating in 30 days” course platform looks

With this course you will:

1.  Discover YOUR specific reasons of WHY you procrastinate.
2. Determine SMART goals that will help you get to your next level
3. Develop daily HABITS to reach your SMART goals
4. Spot your EXCUSES and create a strategy to overcome them.
5. Analyze your TRIGGERS and create a system to help you react in a different way to them.
6. Have ACCOUNTABILITY and COACHING for 30 days to ensure you reach your goals
7. Connect with a COMMUNITY of former procrastinators that will support you and encourage you in your journey.
8. Replace your EXCUSES for ACTIONS and your GUILT for RESULTS

This is what you will get with the course:

My blueprint

Learn my blueprint (step by step) how to #StopProcrastinatingin30 in ANY area of your life

Lifetime access

Have lifetime access to my online course- Step-by-step video lessons, tutorials, templates, and guides


Let ME coach you and teach you strategies not to give up!!


Br part of a wonderful group of people that help and encourage each other to grow!

Today, you can start taking the first step to STOP PROCRASTINATING and finally fulfill the promises you make to your self, so that you can feel EMPOWERED and have the best future you can have. For you and for your family.

The other option is , you do nothing

The problem is, that there is a cost associated with inaction:

  • If you procrastinate and put off doing home/car repairs and chores, it will be more likely to things breaking down, create a safety hazard, cause stress, have tension with family, making your life harder.
  • If you procrastinate and put off getting fitter or losing weight, it will be harder to start, harder to remain motivated, and ultimately harder to get healthier, making your life harder.
  • If you procrastinate and put off saving or investing for your future, that’s less money that you will have in retirement and/or more years that you will have to work for until you can retire, making your life harder.
  • If you procrastinate with your Relationships: if you don’t spend enough quality time with your loved ones, or don’t fulfill the promises you make to them, or spend more time with your phone, computer or with other people than with them, there will be lack of trust/resentment, and guilt, making your life harder.
  • If you procrastinate with your organization (my personal favorite): if your house, car, desk is a mess, and your schedule is not organized and you feel like you do lots of things during the day, but accomplish little, you will feel tired, unmotivated, uncertain about your future, making your life harder.

Do you still want to do nothing?

If you want to stop making your life harder that it should be and TAKING CONTROL of your life, start my virtual course “How to Stop Procrastinating in 30 Days” and change your future.
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